All Hail the “SuperDad!”

There is a lot of negativity in the world directed at men lately. A Dad shaming, Husband shaming, “Oh just look at what my lughead husband did now….” sort of rhetoric. But I wanted to take a moment to really celebrate a different archetype: The SuperDad!

I myself had a SuperDad growing up. This man would drive 8 hours one way, just to make it in time to see his kids play in a soccer game. He would sacrifice everything he had for one iota of his children’s (or his wife’s for that matter!) happiness. He would work hard all day, and then still come home and shoot hoops with my brothers, make us all dinner, and then spend HOURS every night helping me with my math homework. All my life I knew he was a great dad, but now that I’m a new mother, I realize even more the hard work, sacrifice and dedication that went in to every daily decision he made.

I am just as blown away and blessed to have another SuperDad in my life: my husband. He wakes up at 5am with our new baby who starts fussing and grunting in his sleep a full hour before his 6am feeding, and he takes him out of the room so mom can get one more hour of precious sleep. Then, he makes an hour commute to his job, where he puts in 8-10 back-breaking hours doing high stress work, gets back in the car and commutes another hour home.  The second he walks in the door, he switches into SuperDad mode.

He takes the baby from me and spends time talking to him, singing to him, playing instruments for him, and playing with him while mom basks in a gloriously kid-free shower. Afterwards, dad takes our little angel upstairs for his special “Daddy Dinner”, where our little one gets his one bottle of the day. During their special time together, my dear sweet man has long conversations with our son (who’s 2 months old). He asks him about how his day went, what he’s been doing with mommy all day, what he’s concerned about, what he enjoyed during the day, and on and on. He talks to him about God, and how much he loves mommy, and how important it is to help her and take care of her. Of course my son doesn’t understand any of what he’s saying right now, but I’m so moved and touched by his special loving care of both of us….his complete dedication for his family, and the life lessons he’s already trying to instill in our little one.

On the weekends, he takes the first feeding of the day so that mom can get an uninterrupted 6 hours of glorious sleep, and then has special daddy snuggle time with our baby boy. I often find them cuddled up on the couch contentedly when I awake.

Despite having zero time for himself, he NEVER complains. He takes amazing care of us, and we’re PROFOUNDLY lucky to have a husband and a father such as he.  So in a world set on tearing some men down, let’s a take a minute to recognize and appreciate those men that are KILLING IT as husbands and fathers! Share this with a man in your life that you appreciate!

Comment below and tell me about the awesome men in YOUR life!

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